Sunday, January 29, 2017

Justice Cases for Students

I created a new blog with student reading on the justices case I've followed closely over the years.  For teachers, there is a Teacher Guide with lessons on how to teach justice issues in the classroom.

Introduction to Justice Cases

Unlike Hollywood law dramas, which neatly wrap up cases in an hour or two, achieving actual justice through the legal system is often slow, frustrating, and requires patience and persistence.

Below are real cases that I have studied, written about, and in some instances, maintained contact with the legal underdogs involved.  Each case has deeply personal significance to me for different reasons, and thus I write about them in the first person.  My hope is that if teachers and students experience my passion and engagement, they may be inspired to follow a local, national, or international cause and choose to participate as an impactful voice, whether through social media or some other avenue.

(1)  Grandpa v. Coal Mining Company.
(2)  9/11 Families v. U.S. Government.
(3)  Innocent Man? v. D.A.’s Office.

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