Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Big Data Privacy in the Workplace: Critical Thinking Exercises for Law Firm Paralegals

New session (60 minutes)

Big Data Privacy in the Workplace
Critical Thinking Exercises for Law Firm Paralegals

As the veracity of big data improves to make client information even more valuable in the commercial marketplace, the law does not always keep pace with ever-changing technology in the business world, and specifically in the workplace.  This interactive session sensitizes Paralegals to cutting-edge legal issues faced by their attorneys and clients, on the implications of employer use of employee data. 

This presentation is relevant to many Paralegal Practice Groups: Litigation (Labor & Employment/Data Privacy & Security); Government & Regulatory (Healthcare); Transactional (Writing policies); all Paralegals working with global clients (EU Privacy Directives); etc.  The session gets Paralegals out of their Practice Group comfort zones by introducing issues they’ve likely never worked on.  Ultimately, such critical thinking exercises can lead to “outside the box” higher order thinking for Paralegals, as they stay current on fluid changes in the law.

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