Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Speaking at Gwinnett Tech on Classroom & Career Success, Sept. 25 (Lawrenceville)

Looking forward to meeting students, as we discuss 99 Motivators for College Success.

Topics Include:
- Harnessing FEAR + FOCUS + PASSION
- Motivators for Classroom Success
- Motivators for Career Success
- What to Expect from your Professors... and from Yourself

Sunday, September 3, 2017

10 Motivators for Professional Success

1. Don't let anyone crush your professional dreams. However, the riskier your dream, the better your backup plan must be. 

2. Live life with no regrets. Sometimes doing the “wrong" career thing may be the right thing for you. Just be prepared to deal with the consequences.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

10 Classroom Tips for Your First College Semester

As a freshman, it is not only okay to have no idea what to major in, it’s also a sign of an open mind to the diverse menu that college has to offer. Hopefully, you are choosing courses which seem interesting to you rather than classes that parents or peers say you have to take immediately.

1. The first day of class is the most important session because it sets the tone for the semester. Rather than grabbing a syllabus, tuning out, and leaving, expect more from yourself that day. You have the power to stay in or drop the class, so intently gauge the course relevance, workload, and potential deliverables.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Upcoming Keynotes for College Freshmen #Classof2021 H.S. #Classof2017

Later this summer...


Perry’s interactive session teaches college and high school students how to succeed in the college classroom.  His unconventional tips and real world examples are included in his award-winning book, 99 Motivators for College Success.  In addition, Perry demonstrates how to use FEAR-FOCUS-PASSION as the fuel to drive your career decisions, through his own harrowing life events at ages 15 (Fear) and 21 (Focus), which clarified a career re-direction at 27. (Passion) 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

89-year-old teacher & guidance counselor retires after 64-year career

A beautiful story about a women who dedicated her life to high school students in Virginia.  Her students included NBA legend David Robinson.

Orlich, 89, officially retired last month after 67 years as a teacher and counselor, spending all but three of those years at Osbourn High and nearby Osbourn Park High in Prince William County. Students have laughed, smiled and cried within the walls of the windowless office she has occupied since the mid-1970s, bringing to the woman they knew affectionately as “Miss O” the myriad challenges of high school life: friendship drama, unstable home lives and academic difficulties.

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