Friday, April 24, 2009

Your Rub-ber Room (noun)...

... A confining mindset where thoughts and possibilities bounce aimlessly.

Welcome to Unlocking Your Rubber Room - I'll post lessons from my book and new lessons learned along the way. The book offers a message of hope in difficult times: Everyone has to laugh, think and act through everyday situations. The things I emphasize are humor, passion, compassion and preparation.

From the back of the book...

In Unlocking Your Rubber Room, lawyer-turned-teacher Perry Binder offers 44 lessons which emphasize that preparation, passion, and compassion are the keys to unlocking our confining mindsets -- our figurative "rubber rooms." Perry's hilarious and original stories, like "Figure out if you are a 'Touch Wet Paint' person," are distilled from years of painstaking trials and errors. This book contains novel law tips, including how to get a lawyer to return your call, or which three items you must possess when dining out.

And its provocative anecdotes -– when to start a street fight and when to lay low in the weeds -- motivate you to laugh, think, and act through everyday situations. Knowing how to work the legal system opens doors to solving your personal and professional dilemmas. Ultimately, Unlocking Your Rubber Room inspires you to be adventurous, take risks, and learn new things about yourself -- just as the author confesses he discovered when writing this book.

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