Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are You a "Touch Wet Paint" Person?

What kind of child were you growing up? The kind that respected a wet paint sign, or one that found it so irresistible that you had to touch it? The decision to touch or not touch
highlights whether you are a curious person or someone who believes everything you read. Or someone who just acts on impulse.

I was showing a video in class and the students wanted me to turn out the lights in the front. Not knowing how to work the lights, I hit all of the switch buttons. Nothing worked. I
had no clue. Finally, I saw a switch which was covered over in white adhesive tape, with the obvious implied message that cried out: “Don’t touch this, you idiot!” I did. The overhead
projector and everything else electric in the room suddenly went dead.

Take Away: Curiosity will liven up the class and shut it down at the same time!

Lesson Excerpt from my book:
Unlocking Your Rubber Room: 44 Off-the-Wall Lessons to Lighten and Transform Everyday Life

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