Friday, November 13, 2009

Spell Check doesn't work - Old School Proofing needed

Sample student typos (the reason computer Spell Check doesn’t work)

A faulty (faculty) member – maybe s/he got this one right
File a mew (new) motion
Filed on the mourning (morning) of
Going to trail (trial)
Lead (led) to believe
Singing (Signing) an Agreement
The Compliant (Complaint)
Tired (Tried) to flee the scene
Breech (breach) of contract
Break (breach) of contract
Stature (statute) of limitations
Statue (statute) of limitations

And my favorite: The plaintiff assed (assessed) her need

II. Phrases they just got wrong
Tenant (tenet) of law
Woe (whim) of the court
Legal principals (principles)
The principle point (principal)
Recover principle (principal), court costs, and interest

III. I try to get students to economize on words:

Student version: The attorney briefly insinuated the relationship of two of the board members and made it seem like they had previously made a pact with each other.
My version: The attorney insinuated that two of the board members previously made a pact.

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