Monday, December 28, 2009

New teachers reflect on their first semester

I enjoyed this article about new teachers, the mistakes they've made, and the motivation they have to succeed in the 2010 spring term.

Enthusiasm is contagious (excerpt):
When I was in college, I had several friends studying to be teachers. Every time they would talk about student teaching or creating lesson plans, I would think 'No way. Not me.' " At that time in my life, the idea of holding the education of 20-some students in my hands was enough to strike terror in my heart. Now the idea of putting up with 20-some children who are not mine is enough to do the same. So my hat is off to those who decide to pursue that career. The best teachers are the ones who hold that calling on their life, who have that special gift of inspiring students to do their best and to explain the concepts they need to know in a way that each child can understand.
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