Monday, February 1, 2010

Lessons to Transform Your Classroom, Part II

I just got back from Savannah, where I met 150 great teachers, K-12, at the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) annual conference. At the beginning of my session (Lessons to Transform Your Classroom), I passed out index cards and asked participants to write:
- One word which describes your typical classroom environment (108 responses)
- Your favorite TV show or movie about teachers

The movie, Lean on Me, was the overwhelming favorite. As to the "one word" question, I promised the teachers that I'd post the responses on my blog:

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: musical, warm, intense, light-hearted, busy, discombobulated, spirited, small group, exciting (2), structured (3), unique, supportive, organized, crazy, happy (2), hyper, survival, variety (2), colorful (2), active (2), fun! (5), funny, organized chaos, organized mess, learning, compassionate, busy (2), parents!, packed, interactive, unbalanced, supercalifragelistic, spontaneous, interesting, talkative, hectic, diverse, inviting, non-traditional, light, investigative, cooperative, entertaining, engaged, spontaneous, jumping beans, autism

MIDDLE SCHOOL: challenging, exciting (2), engaging, ssshhh!, talk show, electric, accepting, greedy, real, pleasant, fun (3), busy, peaceful, serious, interesting, funny, interactive, active (2), talkative, me, teamwork

HIGH SCHOOL: organized, popping, literary, engaged, happy, unpredictable, structured, homey, exploring, interesting, indescribable, everyone wanting one-on-one help, productive, high energy, support, innovative

TEACH AT ALL LEVELS (or grade level not identified): challenging, alert, happy, maintaining order, homey, structure

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