Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5-12, Featured Author of the Week

Everyone - From Monday-Friday, I'm the Featured Author for "I JustFinished" Books. This link has a Q&A section for readers at the bottom of the page:

Enjoy! And have a great week.

Book Review: "This [book's] course of study can change your life"
Unlocking Your Rubber Room ISBN 978-1934938249
February 14, 2010
44 lessons by a former lawyer, teacher and motivational speaker offer keys to unlock the reader's "Rubber Room", a mindset that limits a person's happiness in life. Many of these lessons come from the realm of law, which also offer practical "advice" through anecdotes about "Law and Negotiation" ( section A). Remember, "It's good to be a Judge"; not so good to face one unprepared.

In the "Potpourri "section, Binder gives lessons abut "Law and Life", using positive attitude, laughter, and exaggeration. Lesson 22, Just Because You're an Expert, Doesn't Mean You're Right, relates an incident with a demeaning professor to point out that opinion is not fact, and attack is not a valid way to deal with people. Find a better way.

A close look at the justice system in America comprises the last section : Justice and Education. What do you do in the face of injustice? Make your choice between fear or anger. Consider consequences, and use your strengths. Anecdotes deal with facing your limits and overcoming them.

Then you take your final exam. You won't need a pencil, but a scream is mandatory.
If you have learned from these tales, you have indeed graduated, and Binder gives a graduation speech for the occasion. He relates a life changing incident that caused him to re-evaluate his life and "saved" him from himself.

Turn your life around. Get ready for the lessons Binder relates, and prepare for your graduation. This course of study can change your life.

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