Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On Facebook, Telling Teachers How Much They Meant

Great article in the NY Times:

On Facebook, Telling Teachers How Much They Meant

Darci Hemleb Thompson had been on the lookout for Alice D’Addario for many years. From her home in Hampton, Va., Ms. Thompson, 49, who is married and has a 12-year-old daughter, was determined to find Ms. D’Addario on the Internet. She tried every search engine and networking site she could find.
About 18 months ago she hit the jackpot.
“Nice to see one of the greatest teachers of all time on
Facebook!” Ms. Thompson wrote on Ms. D’Addario’s wall. “I love to go to your page just to see your smiling face. Even your eyes still smile. You are an amazing person!”

Read comments from AJC Education writer Maureen Downey and her readers:

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  1. With Facebook, like many things in life, it is easy to get too hung up on the negative stuff that you come across. It's like TV news. What we often think of as news is bad news. So when people are saying nice things to each other on Facebook, we don't notice because we perceive this as being "normal" and, therefore, not newsworthy.


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