Sunday, November 21, 2010

HS teacher honored by Cornell for inspiring former student

Teachers usually never know when their class or activity can plant the seeds of a student's future. In different ways, I express to my students: Every one of you is what inspires ME, because every one of you has a story to tell - What will your next journey be?

In this story, we discover that a Language Arts teacher's lesson shaped a student's journey - a career path from a Biology lab to a Hollywood screening room.

Ewan Good, who teaches French and German, has been recognized by Cornell University as a teacher who has made a unique contribution to the life of one of the college's top graduates, a former Mt. Blue student who Good taught seven years ago.

In class, Good said he introduced students to French poetry, literature, history and film and challenged them to analyze and discuss what they were learning. One particular movie generated an emotional reaction and made a lasting impression on Ramsey, steering him toward a career in film, according to Good. The film was Louis Malle's award-winning autobiographical classic, “Au Revoir Les Enfants.” The 1987 movie took place during World War II when the headmaster of Malle's Catholic boarding school decided to shield Jewish children in the midst of Nazi-occupied France to tragic repercussions.

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