Friday, April 1, 2011

Instilling Professionalism and Humor in an Adversarial System

Yesterday, I was the general session speaker for a Litigation Paralegal Conference. I asked participants for one word answers on the positive aspects and negative aspects of the legal profession. A sampling:

Positive aspects of the legal profession
Justice (4 people), help others (2), Electronic discovery (2), equitable, resolve issues, equal, service, interesting, fairness, nothing is the same every day

Negative aspects of the legal profession
Injustice (3 people), chaotic, time, rules, slow, frustrating, too serious, disparity, time sheets, difficult, adversarial, lack of communication, unethical

Spring Break
On a different note, this is spring break for many public school children. I found a good Op-Ed for us all to read as we think of and thank our teachers who get a well deserved rest:

What I Learned at School

THE tumult over state budgets and collective bargaining rights for public employees has spilled over into resentment toward public school teachers, who are increasingly derided as “glorified baby sitters” whose pay exceeds the value of the work they do.

But how exactly do we measure the value of a teacher?

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