Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Roger Clemens' comments can come back to haunt him

Below is what I said about Roger Clemens in 2008:

Famed criminal defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a law professor at Harvard, believes Clemens has walked into a perjury trap.

"My strong suggestion to Clemens is that he take the Fifth Amendment, and that he not walk into this perjury trap," he said.

But Hardin has said all along his client plans to testify today. That could be risky, says Perry Binder, professor of legal studies at the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State.

"Any time you've got stuff under oath by someone else or yourself, there's always the opportunity to be impeached with what you've already said," Binder said.

Dershowitz believes it's likely Clemens will face criminal prosecution at some point.

Well, here we are today.

Continue reading from 2008 article: It's T-minus one for Rocket

BRIAN McTAGGART, 02/13/2008 Houston Chronicle

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