Monday, September 17, 2012

Justice Story Updates: Grandpa = Yes; Jesse = No; 9/11 = Maybe

For those following the justice stories I've written about over the past two years:

Good News: Marsh Fork Elementary is expected to be completed in December 2012!
Grandpa versus Big Coal
"This is not an environmental issue. This is about a little human being." -- Ed Wiley (Grandpa) speaking to then West Virginia Governor (now U.S. Senator) Manchin

It is now over two years since the U.S. Court of Appeals found  "a reasonable likelihood that Jesse Friedman was wrongfully convicted" and that "the police, prosecutors and the [trial] judge did everything they could to coerce a guilty plea and avoid a trial."   The Nassau DA investigative panel convened in November 2010, and has not released its findings to date.
"Capturing the Friedmans" Dad was my Unforgettable Teacher: Apply His Classroom Lessons to Set His Son Free
Intellectually, I know you cannot separate the person [Arnold Friedman] from the teacher. For me, it is contradictory and maddening that this person provided meaningful guidance to countless students.   I don't know if Jesse is innocent, but I do believe he was pressured into accepting a plea deal and his guilt cannot be proven "beyond a reasonable doubt." At the moment, his status as a sex offender is in the hands of prosecutors, who hopefully can apply Arnold Friedman's classroom lessons of compassion, rather than implicate Jesse by default for his father's sins.

While the Bavis family unexpectedly settled its wrongful death civil case, the airlines and airport security firms are likely headed to trial before Judge Hellerstein, in a related civil case filed by the WTC property owners.
The Upcoming 9/11 Trial isn't about Money but Elusive Justice
"Money is the universal lubricant. It makes it easier to go on with one's life."
-- Judge Alvin Hellerstein


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