Thursday, April 19, 2012

99 Motivators for College Success book: High School Graduation Gift

This book is not just for high school and college students - it's also for their parents, as a guide to the pressures facing students in college life, classes, and career choices.

Main Sections:
I. Motivators for Success in Picking a Major or Career Path (Motivators 1-33)
- Quick Stories Before Picking a Career Path
II. Motivators for Success in the Classroom (Motivators 34-66)
- Quick Stories from the Classroom
III. Motivators for Success in Adjusting to College Life (Motivators 67-99)
- Quick Stories for College Life

Other Sections include:
- Read the Contract! (and other Lessons)
- Graduation
- Epilogue: L.I.G.H.T. B.U.L.B. Moments for New Professors and Teachers
- How to Study for Straightforward Multiple Choice Questions
- How to Approach "Application" Multiple Choice Questions
- How to Write a College Essay Exam Answer
- Bonus: How to Write a Law School Essay Exam Answer
- Books that Motivate Professor Binder

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