Thursday, June 1, 2023

Part II: Experimenting with ChatGPT in Class

This summer in Internet Law, I am tweaking my project below.  Not a dramatic change but a small step toward integrating AI into student projects.

How the Internet Changed Professions 

Understatement: The internet has changed how we do business, whether in the United States or worldwide.

Section A.  Use a free AI tool (I use the free version of ChatGPT 3.5) – figure out what prompt to use.  Choose ANY profession. Discuss how the internet has improved, complicated, revolutionized, and/or adversely impacted the profession and the people working in that profession. (500-700-ish words)

Section B.  Do not use AI.  In your own words, reflect on the information in Section A by agreeing or disagreeing with any of the points.  Then, conduct research on the web: Give specific examples of how the profession operated successfully in a pre-internet era versus a post-internet era.  In addition, identify how the legal knowledge learned in this course will benefit you if working in that profession. (3 full pages)

Section C.  Do not use AI.  Find one case in the news where some aspect of the profession relating to the internet is currently being litigated (or from the past that was litigated) in court. (whether at the pre-trial, trial, or appellate stage).  Give the facts of the case, the main issue/s involved, which party or parties you believe will prevail (and why) and how you believe this case will impact the future of the profession and/or the people working in the profession. (2 full pages)

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