Friday, November 24, 2023

What did technology look like on campuses in 1999?


As we entered 1999, the internet was in its infancy for figuring out learning outcomes where computers could make a difference. I have no recollection on how this N.Y. Times reporter found me, but here's a quote from January 1999:

 "And many professors are incorporating technology into their classes, with 44 percent of courses using e-mail in some way, according to the Campus Computing Project survey; that number is up from 8 percent just four years ago. Take Perry Z. Binder, assistant professor and director of the paralegal program at Clayton College & State University in Morrow, Ga. Binder, who says he 'couldn't tell an A drive from a C drive before 1995,' today has his students use laptop computers in class to look up statutes. They can read the course syllabus online, and they can continue class discussions or ask questions in what Binder calls 'the Bull,' an electronic bulletin board he has set up for his students."

Universities Embrace Technology, but Distance Learning Faces Controversy, N.Y. Times (Jan. 6, 1999)

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