Friday, June 15, 2012

Article: GSU professor writes motivational book

GSU professor's book helps transition to college

Intended for students, parents, counselors

The book is not just for high school graduates.  It's for parents to see the pressures that are put on college students and high school guidance counselors to assist students.

The Johns Creek Herald
June 14, 2012

Johns Creek resident and Georgia State University professor Perry Binder has released a book intended to help college students.

"I've been teaching for a long time and probably the biggest transition that I see is when high school graduates go into college," said Binder, an assistant professor of legal studies at GSU's Robinson College of Business and author of "99 Motivators for College Success."

He said the skills one learns in college are different from those one learns in high school. College tests critical thinking skills, while most high schools focus on memorization.

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GSU professor writes motivational book

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