Monday, June 11, 2012

Professionalism and Humor for Paralegals

Join us during Paralegal Week in Georgia:
Wednesday, June 13th, 12:00 - 1:30
Lunch and Learn: Professionalism and Humor, by Perry Binder, J.D. – no charge
Sponsored and hosted by: Esquire Solutions
PARALEGAL REGISTRATION: complete online form

Esquire Deposition Solutions
2700 Centennial Tower
101 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA  30303

Topics include:

Do we need an Attorney to Paralegal “Bill of Professionalism Rights”?
  1.   L. isten to your Paralegals
 2.    I. nspire and challenge them with interesting work
 3.    G. ive hope to everyone in the firm
 4.    H. eap compliments on Paralegals for quality work
 5.    T. each to your strengths as an attorney

6.     B. e patient with your Paralegal
 7.    U. nderstand that new Paralegals lack your knowledge of the law
 8.    L. earn from your Paralegals
 9.    B. e willing to walk in your Paralegal’s shoes
10.   S. ee to it that your Paralegal’s professional aspirations are a law firm priority
Adapted from Perry’s L. I. G. H. T.  B. U. L. B. Moment for Attorneys working with Paralegals

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