Saturday, June 2, 2012

College Motivator #99 - Studying Abroad is a Life Changing Experience!


If possible, study abroad for a summer or semester.  You’ll learn more about life and yourself than you will at your home institution.

GSU Law class, May 7-31, 2012
Piazza della Repubblica, Florence Italy

I had the privilege of teaching Introduction to Law and bringing 19 Georgia State University undergraduate students to Florence to CEA's classrooms.

Topics included:
I.    The U.S. and Italian Court Systems
II.  Criminal Justice Issues in the U.S. and Italian Courts
III. Business Law Issues in Italy and the U.S., including Social Media and Privacy in the Workplace, Intellectual Property, and Domain Name Disputes
IV.  Civil Justice Issues in Italy and the U.S.

Random quotes from students on what they learned about themselves:
- Witnessing the possibility of everything life has to offer
- Being around such great, successful and motivating peers taught me a lot about myself - They pushed me and showed me that I can be better
- My exposure to the courthouses and guest speakers and trip to Italy has expanded my horizon
- The determination to never settle for the bare minimum has become a part of me
- Determination can outweigh fatigue and fear - struggling to do what you know you are capable of is one of the most rewarding experiences I could partake in
- The people we met had a great impact on me; I want to do something international - this experience has given a new path for me
- While in Italy, I became more familiar with the intellectual property side of the law - I could put my passion for fashion and litigation to use
- I have learned that I am blessed to be where I am in my life right now

For photos and schedule of class trips/speakers:


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