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New Book Reviews of 99 Motivators for College Success

As an avid reader, I've enjoyed interacting with fellow readers on  In addition, this site has given me a great forum as an author to interact with readers of 99 Motivators for College Success.

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Perry Binder on GoodReads 

1- GoodReads Reviews for 99 Motivators for College Success 
(4.83/5.0) - 6 Ratings
- Right now I am a high school student and I'm going to be taking a Law Studies class my Junior year and I think this book will be very useful.
- Received this book in a giveaway, but its advice is WAY more valuable than that might hint. The one that really sticks out (and could have saved me a lot of wasted time) is how you should choose a vocation (pays well!) versus an avocation (hobby; little or no pay!).
The book is divided into three sections: how to adjust to college, how to succeed in class, and how to properly apply your degree to your future career.  Of the career section, the best advice numbers came with the bureau of labor statistic inserts, allowing an influence and perspective into the quote or advice. In succeeding in class, the most helpful pages had advice on mentors and how to properly write an essay or take a multiple choice test. The Adjusting to college had a huge emphasis placed on making friends and overall enjoying life because that is what one should be doing at college.  Overall, it was a great book. Only problem is that I am now freaking out over my career prospects. Oh well!

2- Amazon Reviews (5.0/5.0) - 3 Ratings
- I have enjoyed reading this book. It was quite helpful in getting me motivated for the right reasons. I would definitely recommend it for other college students.
- Fantastic book and a quick read. Perry is a motivating professor; which is carried forward into his writing. Purchase the book you will be satisfied.
Perry Binder really knows how to make the apprehension that surrounds such a daunting period easy to overcome using his logical and common sense view points. Although this is a short read, the wisdom found between the covers provides insight for everyone and will keep you coming back as a source of inspiration and motivation for years to come. Having been fortunate enough to experience his teaching first hand, I know these motivators are based on real world experiences that he has gained as a practicing attorney and professor. His gift is his ability to break down complex issues into their simplest common denominators so they can be easily analyzed and resolved. Perry is able to provide thoughtful insight to the seemingly obvious or create that "aha" moment that the reader will find humorous and enlightening. As with all of Professor Binder's books, the reader will discover that the truth will set you free and leave you with a smile on your face.

3- Perry's Former Students - Testimonials on Perry's Classes

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