Saturday, January 7, 2023

New book: Classroom LIGHTBULBS for College Professors


The book is available now as a paperback  (Kindle pre-order for Jan. 19):

"Much good advice from a very enthusiastic and imaginative teacher." --Jay Mathews, Washington Post education columnist

Classroom LIGHTBULBS for College Professors is packed with practical teaching tips and a simple method to reignite your passion for teaching.  In Part I, THE CLASSROOM, the author shares his unique and easy-to-replicate teaching techniques.  Part II demonstrates how to quickly get fired up to teach before walking into your class, through the LIGHTBULBS acronym and the author’s relatable stories from the classroom.  This book will energize new and seasoned college professors and curious teachers looking for fresh ideas for educating students. 

"Classroom LIGHTBULBS is inspirational in its depiction of the author's irrepressible enthusiasm for teaching and his deep feeling for his students in and out of the classroom." -- Elizabeth T. Tricomi, Ph.D., Director of ESL Program and the Writing Center (Retired), Binghamton University 

"I recommend Professor Binder’s book to anyone who wants a unique and motivational perspective when it comes to teaching. It is for both new and seasoned instructors and provides many illuminating examples filled with grit, pathos, and humor." --David Orozco, J.D., Bank of America Professor of Business Administration, Florida State University

"This book is the model of sincerity. It comes from the heart." --Paul Cohen, M.A., NYC High School Science Teacher and Coordinator of Forensic & Earth Sciences 

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